Carbon capture and storage, a solution to reduce our emissions and those of our customers


CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) refers to an industrial and commercial process that involves capturing CO2, collecting it from industrial sites known as “carbon hubs”, transporting it via ship or pipeline and storing it under the seabed. To achieve this, TotalEnergies is investing in the sector now to develop the industry and achieve carbon neutrality, together with society.

Our objective for 2030: develop a CO2 storage capacity of over 10 million tons per year.

To achieve this, we are building on flagship projects, particularly in the North Sea. This area has the potential to become a major CCS hub, thanks to the support of the European Union and the mobilization of the coastal states. We are developing our CO2 transport and storage offer as a service to our customers.

CCS is also an important tool for reducing emissions at our facilities, whether we are operator or partner. Those projects span both upstream and downstream.