Transform and develop

You already know us through our network of service stations. But we do so much more to improve your daily life. From oil and gas transformation to produce fuel, lubricants or plastics, to the production and supply of power and natural gas, we rely on multiple industrial skills to support our customers in their daily lives.


While our Company has placed climate at the heart of its strategy, we want to offer our clients a mix of energy sources with increasingly lower carbon emissions. Keeping true to our integrated model, we aim to produce and supply electricity that is produced first and foremost from renewable energies, and from natural gas. Natural gas is a key transition energy thanks to its flexibility and capacity for responding to the strong growth in demand and because it releases half the greenhouse gas emissions of coal in power generation.

Refining and petrochemicals

Our refining and petrochemicals operations transform crude oil and natural gas into finished products or intermediates, which are then used to manufacture chemicals. Our industrial know-how, our teams’ expertise and our strategic partners all play a key role in this process. We operate responsibly worldwide.


By transforming oil, gas, biomass and plastic waste, we produce polymers, recycled polymers and biopolymers that can be incorporated in the plastic manufacturing process. Plastics and their properties can be harnessed to design products featuring a host of benefits (lightweight, hard-wearing, waterproof, etc.). Those qualities have cemented their status as an essential part of our everyday lives.