Improving Our Products and Supporting Our Customers

Improving Our Products and Supporting Our Customers

By 2030, the Company’s two-pillar balanced transition strategy aims to result in a sales mix of energy products with the view to final use whose lifecyle carbon intensity of energy products sold 4 would be reduced by 25%, which means:

  • for an equivalent quantity of energy, the carbon content of energy products would be reduced by 25% ("less emissions for same energy");
  • for an equivalent quantity of emissions (Scope 1+2+3), the Company would supply 33% more energy to its customers ("more energy for same emissions").

Furthermore, by 2030, energy products sold such as LNG and low-carbon electricity might contribute to enabled emissions reductions (“Scope4”) of around 150 Mt CO2e (around 100 Mt CO2 coming from Gas & LNG sales and around 50 Mt CO2 coming from Renewables), to be compared with a Scope 3 kept below 400 Mt CO2e. These reductions, which will result from our customers decisions to substitute more carbon-intensive energy products with less carbon-intensive ones, and therefore reduce their own Scope 1+2 (use of gas or renewables to generate electricity instead of fossil fuels), will definitely contribute to lower global GHG emissions.

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