Seagreen: transforming North Sea Wind into Energy

Country: United Kingdom
Type of production: Offshore wind
Partners: TotalEnergies (51%) and SSE Renewables (49%)
Start: 2022



the electricity production capacity of the Seagreen project, enough to power 1.6 millions homes.
Seagreen wind farm, North Sea, Scotland

In 2023, TotalEnergies and its partner SSE Renewables, will inaugurate Scotland's largest offshore wind farm. A joint venture between TotalEnergies (51%) and SSE Renewables (49%), the Seagreen project in the north-east of Scotland will satisfy the energy needs of 1.6 million UK homes when completed.

Located 27 km off the coast of Angus in Scotland, the first turbine in the Seagreen offshore wind farm has been generating electricity since August 2022. Once all 114 turbines are up and running, the wind farm will provide enough green energy to power more than 1.6 million homes, equivalent to two-thirds of all Scottish homes. Ultimately, the green electricity generated by Seagreen will displace over 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from electricity generated by fossil fuels every year.

The only offshore wind farm of its kind

The Seagreen wind farm in the North Sea stands out with its unique geographical position. Swept by gale-force sea winds the North Sea is recognized as one of the most dynamic regions in the world for developing offshore wind activities. Seagreen also stands out with its unique size. Once commissioned, Seagreen will be the largest wind farm in Scotland and the world's deepest fixed bottom wind farm.

Offshore wind turbines work according to the same principle as onshore turbines, but they can capture stronger and more consistent winds, thereby generating more electricity per megawatt than onshore. In addition, the offshore wind turbines installed feature cutting-edge technology and the project reflects TotalEnergies' deep knowledge of offshore project management. Wind turbines are now taller, meaning that they can capture more wind. The Seagreen turbines have a maximum height of up to 204m to the tip of the blade with a blade diameter of 164m.

A project that fits the Company's energy ambitions

As part of its ambition to achieve net zero by 2050 together with society, TotalEnergies has set itself the target of producing 100 GW of renewable energy by 2030. The Seagreen project is consistent with this objective, and our presence in the United Kingdom bears testament to an ambitious strategy to develop offshore wind energy in this country.

The Seagreen wind farm is part of a number of offshore wind projects that are currently being developed in the UK (West of Orkney, Erebus, Outer Dowsing) in which TotalEnergies has held interests since 2020. With a total capacity of approximately 5.5 GW, they will all be commissioned between 2023 and 2031, and will enable TotalEnergies to ramp up its green electricity production while contributing to the fight against global warming.